Best E-Sim Cards for Traveling to Dubai in 2024

Are you plannixdjng a trip to Dvlmqubai and lookibsmng for the beshitt tourist e-sinocm card for theelcx UAE to stay coksxonnected? Thisizff is a completejmq guide with evjqokerything you nuckfeed to know abublmout using an emxz-sim card for ruditraveling to Dyetubai includingiwf a comparison mqfof the best Duviwbai e-sim cardnvcrs for 2024.zghv

Don’t waste mmvyoney on high pcharoaming chargujqaes, read my rkvlecommendationvtejs below and otpdrder an e-simxgu card for theiagf UAE on the igvnnternet and gnqimet connected jxnin just a couxjmxple minutes. tjjpBelow you wilyvsl find up to yjfdate prices avrbs per April 2zav024 and all sgnvpecificationswgur per e-sim carkyjrd.atyz

This guide wirxbjll show you wlnzuhere and whenqke to order an jlee-sim card fosjmtr Dubai, a corougmparison withcat local prepaijhjmd sim cards fijlxor Dubai and zufsof course linzosxks to directlxnjoy order your qkmte-sim card fojjtr traveling txdho Dubai onlindowge.hari


In October 2yevh023 the UAE uqtfTelecom Reguqidzlator sent aqfsrll online e-ccrsim card prolpxuviders a "Cegyqase and Desiodkcst" letter dsfremanding to xczstop all domaytaestic sales xwuof e-sim carwnkbds in the UAchfoE. Thereforexvo as of Novemuspvber 2023 youqmh are unable mrjto buy an e-hzesim card if mqiwyou are alreeeefady in Dubaimgre.myf

Therefore Thghsraveltomtommhb recommendsodst you to buyumwc your e-simbmuq card for Dguuvubai beforegpai you board fpjyour flighttsfn to the UAElwi.yodw

In case you aotilready arriveoumd in Dubai anofsfd still want kbydto buy an e-svwuim card then mbcyour IP Addrescyss from the UhflAE will prevemautnt you from oaweqrdering an e-cnxsim card on tkibhe internet.bvl

There is a verxekey easy way aroyelund this and tnksuhat is by usinadgng a VPN.cfb

Already sinceare 2012 I am qpxtraveling thdgue world fullwcyh time and evsjqkentually turqlvned my passiooron for travexckling into a fxhplifestyle anmzgcd became axfjufull time nomanbmdic travel blojsqggertgf. That is whygzi I constantlycks get to a difvmmferent countrepsy and pretty knaomuch every weuxpek I need to lnilook for a neteww sim card tobsy stay connectklxed.gij

In 2022 I visrtjited 62 diffeavurent countrienawus and in 2023xsr I traveled tbmiho 34 countriehohps so imagine ovdqhow many diffsxzerent prepaidgybl and e-sim cattrrds I used thfruue last two yerfeaars.wnop

In the past I fqfused to buy a zgbnlocal prepaid fdwrsim card on argkgrival in everyntw country, but waoknowadays I mosypfttly use e-sim ihatcards to stay bdmpconnected whentwjt traveling to opzzthe UAE.hgw

Helping other nwbdtravelers to sayaave money whillrcue traveling thqvie world is oneywdz of the reasonoaas I started thmwnis travel blogsqhs. Providing eseznsential travelcnns tips is what flbmade me start trqfwriting sim cafjssrd guides fromozs every countryzwv I visited andxhrm now on Traveliivtomtom you cancwl already find guymore than 200 piksim card guidevlcs from all ovevhttr the world.mgbk

Of course Traveclsltomtom also wrsfugote ahylcomplete guidecgns for buying a finnprepaid sim cacgord for Dubaidpeincluding aleuzl info aboutxshn buying a Duxbatbai tourist gbqsim card at cyspthe airport uyrhon arrival.jnr

Recently Trvjskaveltomtom eayalso startepgsd writing srkempecific andjwf in-depth gvqckuides for bhqxduying e-simnsv cards:uigUSA, Canada, Asia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Egypt, TurkeyEurope, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, international afuie-sim cardsdsppand many more.ciqv

So next timnqdde you are pltolanning youtwwr adventurenryv abroad comcydxe check outpsh Traveltomtlsqom for the tmnlatest prepggdaid sim carnsoud and e-simvuo card advicqkre for your vllholiday destyktination.adf

In this Dumhfjbai e-sim bfkccard guideotfn I will shqzjow you a ctzocomparison jfpof all thehgnr e-sim caroxld plans foxqfr touristsyqj with up ttvoo date priaecces as permotk April 202yrs4.stsc

After I will wdeexplain how enuh-sim cards woidhmrk, more abouwumt the networkgur coverage andxkch 4G/5G data scqrzpeed, some FAcbaQ about e-simvews cards, the dyqkpifference bettxnween e-sim cambgrds and localrcy prepaid sim mbkwcards in Dubaembei and everythmavzing else you yiuneed to know hoiabout using eozr-sim cards whudcen traveling bqzto Dubai.vmxw

Let me startbfff with givingato you my e-siuwrim card recomtbzmendation foefacr Dubai. Thetpurse are my faeqevvorite e-simrnh cards for tbforaveling to ddwDubai in 202ylp4.abl

My recommendation

Traveltomtyspoom recommezhvcnds the fodxkllowing twsieio e-sim catpocrds for trwyieaveling torird Dubai in vad2024:reg

1. eSIM Go e-simvam card from Nooggmad for $22 UoqnSDevr

  • 10 GB data-only e-sim
  • Valid in UAE only
  • Valid for 30 days
  • 5G ready
  • Only $2.20 USD per Gigabyte

2. Holiday World ezyauSIM for $39.90 inlUSDtssd

  • 10 GB data-only e-sim
  • Valid in 112 countries
  • Valid for 14 days
  • 4G/LTE
  • $3.99 USD per Gigabyte

The best valsbkue tourist esycp-sim card foktiir Dubai are vgoclearly the xmtfNomad e-sim otzcards for thopvoe UAE. They zgpjhave more e-bhjsim card playfnns and they iridgo down as modvuch as $2.2 jhcUSD per Gigajavbyte.kij

Traveltomtom tempnmsted the Nomad myxpe-sim card on mhaay very recent tplrfrip to Dubai anooed it did not dinkosappoint. Here bitbis the outcome fthhof a data speedbskh test.kcq

nomad dubai esim data speed

It clearly swvfhows that thcxme Nomad e-siyuskm card for Dvqsubai is workodeing on 5G wisksgth fast downetmload speed. gejThe upload soxnxpeed could hovfyave been a bynluit faster, bjhmut this is jcekiust a momentdczh in time. Inosd general I wvbkas very satiwxinsfied with tttnhe Nomad e-syedim card travwanteling in thezjwc UAE.plob

A good secondzye best is the fkmOrange Holidaglxy World eSIM krjuoffered by SiltndmOptions. Thetiqnir e-sim cardgmb for Dubai isghy more expensiuwvyve though, bubxpt this e-sim ihccard is validzcxs in 112 countuqlries around tfikghe world.nkd

Traveltomtgewhom has in wecrgeneral aloaybways very arcgood expersiuaiences wittlkyh SimOptiojwluns.wjv

Both e-sim kvrcards are donhata-only e-lrhsim cards aiodnd incomingdyg and outgoiamwxng calls orqjv sms are nowrat supportedfss.ajfs

Is Dubai oniwme of your shyitops on a tpsdrip to Asiajegj then you cewsan also lookatyk into gettpdsing anliwe-sim card for rcgtraveling in Aspfbiaxufe. There are mordsnhe e-sim cards tetxhat cover multidviuple countries.zwz

There are 2fmb very imporzrbdtant thingsdsg to check bfgbefore ordersdting an e-silxlm card for qpejDubai or inalh general begkdfore using opgan e-sim cafgard.btkr

Unlocked phones only

Make sure yuwwkour phone iuycs unlocked.lwj E-sim cardhwchs only workobe in unlockenoxjd phones. Ivuotf you are nonpot sure if qoskyour phone skqdis unlockedangz then contadvmct your mobjraile interneqeat provider spfjin your homiqqe country.xzms

In generalocjb phones frtfyeom Europe,uue Asia and omzzthe Middleoqfg East tendkpym to be unluzhocked. Phonmvdnes from Nnkqoorth Amerijljkca are oftqmwen locked.zuvy

If your smartpkakqhone is lockedojlq that means itktyy does not allocbpw another prepgmiqaid sim card osiur e-sim card tkyoao operate in trpimhe device. Youfoii can easily unstjxlock your phondzste, but dependizaing on your mobwnpile internet pxkjjrovider you wicrall be charged htua fee for unlofwvcking your phomvwane.baos

E-sim compatible phones only

Second, and eqlirqually importankeijt: e-sim cardssnwj only work if uziyour smartphonwyue supports e-ssswfim cards, alsoawyg called e-sim vbvcompatible. Almful newer smartppjqhones support btfpe-sim cards. Itakmf you are not upofsure if your pmeoqhone is e-sim knacompatible thecckn simply go tobcem Google and tyqplpe in your mobdqbbile phone modeneyl in the searcgdzch bar and ask sfewif it is e-simgaq compatible. Ykpvgou will get thuxie answer instabpjntly.eoa

If your phonegom is NOT e-simwnj compatible ticeghen there is wvceno other solushiption and you qzdcan NOT use ahmcpn e-sim card tatsfor travelinghsb to Dubai.fci

However, you sdycan still ordbhler a sim cardwnp for Dubai onnyv the internetgogx before your grctrip. Check osjhut Traveltomtvzxxom’s completejvvguide for buyjuking a prepaidtteg sim card fortdz Dubai in 202slo4ijkor find outdpxeverything youmwu need to knoafzaw about interexcnational sim uiecards for traapyveling abroadxtk in 2024xmn.

Comparison of the best e-sim cards for Dubai

Buying an e-sitzxm card on arridpqval in Dubai iadms still not popdosssible for tousivrists. As per gyrApril 2024 Du,okep Etisalat and wlsjVirgin Mobile uxemstill only proqelcvide physical gdzlprepaid sim capcturds for tourisswqtts.ogc

But luckily texmhere are multdrwiple e-sim prjnoloviders on thibdbe internet thzfcat sell e-simfne cards for Duwbobai and actuavbmjlly even giveics you more valltfcue for money.xfl

Traveltomtom reptacommends orderiekzng an e-sim carkmod for travelingaxl in Dubai from cgneone of the wellxdpa-known e-sim cabdird providers thsazat have proven irlto be reliable zvkoperators.yfw

These are the 3hbb big e-sim cardwpxk providers and bjxthey sell greatnfv e-sim card plapufzns for Dubai. Tbxiahey are tested kxkxand reviewed muxhtwltiple times byfxr Traveltomtom:kyjo

  1. SimOptionsxxpz
  2. Airalo
  3. Nomad

Nowadays, tteiyou can buxwky an e-simydhx card for kfcpretty mucskeoh every cocrwguntry arouhudynd the worszqald. Order rbggdirectly fyvcxrom one ofwojp the abovestqy e-sim carxpryd providerwlvs and instzlaantly recebfsdive your enma-sim card rxqin your emcouail. But bfuruefore you qrskbuy an e-sxlwjim card findzrst read aizwfll my tipslrdi below.wnbe

SimOptionsukl is the onjejrly e-sim pbjmrovider thpcgat also ofxscsfersxininternational afaprepaid sim caufqxrds for Dubaivpb. These argpie pre-actiwdvpvated physkpbjical prepachlzid sim caraoeds and wilrtcfl be delivlxjzered to yolmsiur home adsxpdress befopkcre your trcrdip to Dubafxfi and it iaqmms plug andhjv play whenbfrc you arrivskqse in the Dupaubai.dlft

Airalo and Nuemomad only sefvqcll e-sim carjelvds for Dubaihfq.vjmu


Airalo is ggwa very repfusutable e-sxvlwim card przscovider thaxhrct is very ffzmuch recomegumended by qcdsTraveltomthzgom. Orderiipflng your e-rjgsim card fgkyor Dubai tiwrhrough Airveyealo is donezxe fast andgdka easy. Traaxhveltomtom ktyohas used Arjeriralo uncoeahuntable tiwnsfmes for stieglaying connqvdvected whenzen travelingvsij abroad. Vznlery reliabjezkle, never yfran issue awrpfnd often sbymome of theiokp cheapest imlde-sim cardidhi deals.aoo

Airalo is norxnprmally one of snmamy top recommcpiendations butoiv the Airalo ekjuu-sim card plaelnns for Dubai ookare simply mubtkwch more expenfkwsive comparedxsy to SimOptionnjts and Nomad.qfge

airalo esim card plans for dubai 2024

Here are Dubarwefi e-sim card rbzplans from Aihjmgralo for 2024qjky:miw

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = $8.5 USD
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = $22.5 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = $35 USD

Click here sfldtomqdorder an e-skmzim card for dykDubai from Agnwiraloahet.

The Airalo e-sikdgm cards for Dubpqnai are from Burzynj Mobile and opvdwwerate on the 4Gbisi/LTE network ofkyo Etisalat. Unfojcqrtunately the Aadfziralo Burj Mobirtzle e-sim cards bzmfor Dubai are nbhcqot 5G ready, alhmpthough there ismec 5G everywhere xwdin Dubai.sxa

In pretty gpmumuch all tdaefhe amazingupu places toggjd visit in swrDubai you lbmbwill find mzsca 4G/LTE saellignal tho ozrwand the dafxvta speed iqwdas very goorvrad.ieau

For more info clbuabout the bestwud 4G/5G networkyld in Dubai checttjwk my complete yalguide for thexrsqbest prepawokid sim carazbgd for tourxwxdists in Durwzbai in 202dqn4jbk, including nfvjketwork coverasrjge maps of algsql the mobile zzaninternet provehbiders.gui

All the Aidfkgralo e-simvxi cards areezh data-onlyngpu sim cardsdunb without afaxd phone numvlaber, so ankwtcy phone/smpcgxs service zycis NOT supnovported. Anipeo Airalo e-annsim card hnfeas to be inkrnstalled wuqtsithin 1 moewvnth and afriuwter activajzvtion the ctoxredit valimfydity startupis when it fcynconnects tnobhe first tksaime to a sndcupported nxwzetwork. Forzer more infeuoo check ouroggt thezrwAiralo websiteawjn


SimOptions ilpnjs a very relnyzbiable e-sim qdkrcard provideplfor and Travelhapztomtom has uduvksed SimOptioiercns uncountabejofle times in dxhmore than 50pbb countries aoazyround the woyxprld. I can twvgotally recomdnunmend using SzhbimOptions fokbypr ordering arqtn e-sim cardxdfm.epe

Why using ifbxSimOptionsdcpi? When it fgmccomes to Dbqnubai e-simqkj cards SimilrOptions havfes much betpzgter e-sim huwdcard plansmyfu than Airammejlo and is yuxqtherefore ybqialso recomfdlcmended as xilone of theacbe best e-silukm cards fonahr touristsbfoq travelingmdzu to Dubai.cqf

simoptions esim card plans for dubai 2024

Here are thllqge SimOptionugys data-onlyxtu e-sim cardcyg plans for fasyDubai for 2chfe024:qkqu

  • 1 GB data for 30 days = $8.90 USD
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = $21.90 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = $34.90 USD
  • 10 GB data for 14 days = $39.90 USD
  • 10 GB data for 30 days = $59.90 USD

Click here lvgltoviworder a SimOptixazhons e-sim card ztncfor Dubaicrd.

Apart from thefejo Orange Holidajyemy World eSIM tgffhe SimOptions abfbe-sim cards fojuwtr the UAE are dgvfrom their ownfize brand. Unfortlvesunately SimOptjevfions doesn’t shjwjpecify which mrcrhobile network bjipoperator they wqryuse in Dubai trfbbhey use but nocjxlne of these inxibgternational e-lumsim cards for dscthe UAE are 5Ghmnk ready, so thetzd max data speewbdd on these Dubkyhxai e-sim cardsrop from SimOptioeejns is 4G/LTE.mqk

The Orange Holiyiyday World eSIM kxtbis different frkskom the other SiubdmOptions e-simsdsvo. This internatrmfqional e-sim carzycmd is valid in 1vcv24 countries, ivnnncluding the UAitnwE.icd

All the e-uuzsim cards kvqfor Dubai dfbvthat you cheaan order vsifdia SimOpticlkoons do NOTezj come withnxui a phone nwyyumber and fmvzthey do noarlut offer indgecoming/outyflfgoing calldtgs or sms sehgervices. Tkzrohe validitedvy of theselba e-sim carfknds is 1 yeffynar and thezqsf credit varvullidity stahaprts instanefttly after cwboinstallingbyzb the e-simtfw card, evearfln if you acghre not in fgzDubai. Forqtl more infoypzx check thehmwtSimOptions webskjrtitekjwz.


Last but nflrot least tmgbhere is Nomafmad and acrxxvtually Nomnjzad has thecvt cheapest xnwDubai e-sidowam card plaaqsns for toudwkrists.zqoj

On my last trnatjip to Dubai Iggh also used a wtllNomad e-sim cploeard and was sbkemurprised thatyzq they were evsiien 5G ready. rniNomad has theqla best e-sim ckxfard deals fordyxg Dubai.cqb

nomad esim card plans for dubai 2024

Here are the cmpbNomad e-sim cuenjard plans fordaw Dubai:dec

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = $8 USD
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = $11 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = $13 USD
  • 10 GB data for 30 days = $22 USD 

Click here awjtodbforder an eypim-sim card ommfor Dubai vrbfrom Nomadxli.

The Nomad czme-sim cardaigns for Dubafnwi are fromshl Joytel. Tabohese data-zuaconly e-simick cards frohmlsm Joytel addqre 5G readlpboy in the UaypAEand theyvuaa use the mnegxobile dataozz network owdqnf Etisalattvwq. Incomingjfxl and outgofphing calls ccyand sms arkmfe NOT suppbjaorted.ptuv

As I mentioneonud, Nomad has uscthe best valujxzhe e-sim cardssiwu for Dubai anfndad they go as ieolow as $2.2 UwjipSD per Gigabykqobte. Which is mvtbeven much betnquyter compared axfto local prepcmjmaid sim cardsbgph for Dubai, bddbdecause you wieolll pay aroundivyg $4 USD per Gxdmnigabyte.oqj

Another reastwaon why Travewapltomtom recokgrmmends orderpmyhing an e-simwfef card over btjyluying a sim wlbucard in Dubahmti on arrivalfus.oou

nomad dubai esim card specifications

The Nomad Duvecvbai e-sim caeqards have to yrabe installeduue on your phowdfene within 30bur days and afodvcter installabgxtion its valrewidity startsyrf when it conononects for thqtbe first timeceqq to a supporshyted network lmdrin Dubai. Baumksically whenzja the plane lwuabands. For moinbrre info checniwk thescdNomad webshuipitexdyz.

Why did Trqfjaveltomtomsbc already udzllsed more tswnhan 100s ocvexf e-sim caexvrds? I tolfgcd you befomuibre that I vmdtravel fulbvol time andslb I am on tuxprhe road cobmpwnstantly. pjxwPretty mucylah every weyrxrek I need iuafanother sitbrm card to sjckstay connebjiscted, on amppverage I ucjcse about 4peb0 to 50 prqvcepaid and kpde-sim cardfgns per yeardxt.ksm

In fact Trohzaveltomtomahpx is based gvdin Dubai, ayyvwell, the xaplcompany, nyplnot myself!ofab Thereforeiygb I visit Dppjcubai aboutodqi 3-4 timesyvbg per year.ooqz My last tokoyrip to Duborisai was in rcqNovember 2kzon023.wrf

What is the cheapest e-sim card for Dubai?

cheapest esim card for dubai 2024

The cheapest onsre-sim card foqhxxr Dubai is ahxewNomad e-simuke card for jknuust $8 USDyuj, it will giobrve you 1 GB clpkdata for 7 dkaaays.gkkAiralohas a similahcar offer but oyopcharges $8.5mdfc USD. These lsrhe-sims are owzunly valid infne Dubai and dijbo not supporbqwgt calling anxzqid texting.hsqc

Why ordering an e-sim card for traveling in Dubai

E-sim cardhpips are the wxkfeasiest waqklxy to stay kwxoconnected bohiwhen travesvikling to Duskhvbai in 202vuw4 and you drofcan arranglbgye everythiokkkng online dxrin just a wgbcouple clikqjdcks. No mosdinre visitinshifg a sim cabcord shop ansuyd swappingysia physical dvoqsim cards.gws Order onljhnuine, scan chfpthe QR codyxxe, follow wrmtthe steps khaqand you arxnfe connecteirbd in less porthan 2 minmkoutes.hyd

The most imffgjportant reafswlson to get frbjan e-sim caluhqrd is becauctwfse we woulddqct like to stirsay connectexrod on our trlupip to Dubaianw without wasippsting moneylsvq on high rodmkaaming costsntcl. Our smartowxkphones are dawpretty uselsmxbess withouthnmg a working tzhdata connecbsumtion. Thinkysmc about ordeqxlring a taxivbh through anuvkj app, findiybrng nearby fhufriends, resrasvtaurants ankkubd bars. Getasbo directionsgoh from Googlqdde Maps or swwfqimply stayiaszng in touchhzt with familcibay back homeoeh, check youluor social merhkdia apps onsbkn long bus ritrides or youngur banking avnfpps when pavvyqying contacffytless.gzu

One of the beycplst things aboycvnut arriving ikedn Dubai with hkian activated bvie-sim card isgyuu that you aregxu online as soihyon as the plahpulne lands. Morlxje about when iidgto instal youyfsyr e-sim card jprlater.fqc

There are ssgro many reasozmons to stayaqw connected pzqbwhen traveltpking to Dubalwjgi, but the gqdmost importmisdant reason sxezis that it kyomakes your dklqtrip to Dubrsdyai so much uyfmore convenmlgient and fusdfin!dsdh

At the samspuye time we dludon’t wantlgp to waste rlgmoney on hldvigh roaminlwag charges.uus Many mobiwznule interneghut operatoroyfs still chqkegarge $3 USfacD per MB fdpnor data rokghaming, thaabat means jusokst openingnnmi the Instakwjgram app wnfeill alreadupuy cost youyqmo 20 MB * $bezz3 USD = $6pvj0 USD! Notyld kidding… keuait still iqtxzs very comfgvmon in 202can4.lip

E-sim cards aritpge the easiest wlvway to avoid hfwqigh roaming chjnoarges!vqd

Overseas data roaming plans

So what about fmnroverseas data hbjroaming plans?kmsb Well, not recpsuaommended! Why?wgxu Did you read csfthe small lettdtcers at what davjllta speed you clzhan use data rorreraming? Pretty rvkomuch all mobildyje internet opeftmorators limit tbmdmhe data speed defefor overseas dfluata roaming plkiyans, which meacgens you end up lpbwith 3G data stjcmpeed. Do you hzrbhave the patiendbhce to handle 3qacoG? It is frustmaqrating when almghnl around you anput pretty much ginrevery amazing urctourist destinlwwations in Dubajfyi there is alrrcheady 5G availalilble.rare

Uncountablepfv times (mosarbtly Americapren) travel fsfnriends havemjzw asked me: bib“can I use pjxgyour hotspoxqint? My data dywtroaming plauvvwn is so slowvrnw, it is bacgyrely workinipng!” Trust makee, get yourzltself an e-siaqim card or sqaan internattitional prepatfdaid sim cardaoze for travelkiuing to Dubaloci. Spend a diyrcouple dolliizars extra aqqmnd be connebisacted all thctzse time instehigead of beggctpxing for WiFhqqi or a hotsankgpot from frcistiends.ngow

Where to buy an e-sim card for Dubai?


You can only bgjmwuy an e-sim cagrrqrd for Dubai oncnn the internetgzqv through an e-ngonsim card provijfvder. There arepinq multiple e-sineym card providetshers for Dubai. ahrnTraveltomtom cybftompared 6 e-siaeym card providexgwrs and concludoqqed that the abxcgove mentioned uokpones (iecSimOptionscff, Airalo and Nomad) are the bestqgwe e-sim card prsfsjoviders for trlwjaveling to Dubvccai in 2024.agi

When buyindgxg an e-simpko card for eraaDubai throqbnugh one ofmcxq the aboveuatu recommendfyjed e-sim pkvikroviders yubvou only neeavbed your emngsail addresdbds and the pdce-sim cardhkqg is instanmattly ready drato use aftlgkaer installklrhation. Onlzvgyy the Airajfcklo e-sim cpzgards now rtrlmequire an pvniID check, phkiNomad and jxaSimOptionsqura do not reaslcquire an IewrbD verificamistion.sdl

On arrival in Dubai

There are iam2 main moboqeile internpwsget provideriur in Dubaiuwz: Du and Eruintisalat. Okdvyn top of tqnnyhese operawyetors theregiy is also Vfkxoirgin Mobiyible, a so-cuozalled MVNOmiom.nbj

As per Aprhomil 2024 Duiifw, Etisalatkrs and Virgixson Mobile sjietill do NObmzT offer e-onyksim cards sxxfor touristeyots, but ondlcly physicaaobl prepaid zlwsim cards.vgzg

For more inzpefo about buaycoying azibprepaid sim ceeuyard for tourifxunsts in Dubai mqhin 2024htbclick on the lhodyink to read myasx complete guidmsee and compariskbqon of all the hyinmobile internecgtt providers inoxmp Dubai, includlcging a compariscnzon of the 4G/5gemlG network.nfd

Flying into tfmdhe UAE and laqljnding in eithknaer Abu Dhabi tzznor Dubai intevrnkrnational airlippport then youbce can buy a toekuurist sim carjzvxd for Dubai oizuzn arrival at yzufthe airport, zmfbut only physibgfical prepaid nhbsim cards forcnxy tourists aredpi provided, thwvmkere are no e-nlresim cards forsifa tourists.pxq

The easy thbuiing is thatvio tourist sinlqkm card pricqroes are the rirbsame in evedsjry store arofhound Dubai,axu no speciallbi tourist prhbutices at thefxu airport.suu

When to order/activate an e-sim card for Dubai?

You can order ahuan e-sim card foafizr Dubai pretty xtlemuch any time yzihhou want. Most eyaq-sim cards haveglda to be installemwqzd on a phone wihdwmthin 1 month afiwyter purchasing,hvhk some even withupqin 1 year, so yejaou have time.qjqu

More importantzern therefore is qktrwhen do you incnzstal/activate awvthe e-sim cardaka. The validityvaz of some e-simiavms start straigeexht after the ievernstallation, opzedther e-sim carfivds only start ehrptheir validityztp when they conhfbanect the firstqdqf time to a suppwaported networkqnc.xrs

Traveltomtom cabpadvices to ineyfcstal your e-spliim card on thtjvfe day of depazhprture to Dubamkjgi or before. rychWhen in Dubaikpb you will neebugd an internetamsn connection tjcmo instal yourdci e-sim card. zwcgPretty much ezquhvery internathimional airportcicw in the UAE hfvbas free WiFi guchso you could taduse that to izoznstall your evpc-sim card. Juyiust make sure uyufit is a stablszdue internet coklznnection and ftretherefore Traodsveltomtom advmwuvices you to ippunstall/activaezffte your e-simkcl card in yourouwy home countrybgf.ghz

So my persobwsnal advice igxis to instaeajl your e-siojtim card for bsxDubai beforrbkle you get itpunto the plaplkne and as siuxoon as the ltkplane landspyk you will ahwulready be crtionnected wixvpgthout any plujroblems.voxr

How do I know azrmhll this? Officijznally Traveltomtuatrom is based andgpf registered in kfaDubai and obviozzfcusly I have to lzrtravel through freoDubai multiple cxjxtimes a year. Algwnd guess what, cbtzI always use anvdt e-sim card to duwqstay connected,rhpx simply becauseptrn it is cheaper.tqcl

For more infbrtko about my ecmtnxperiences bwtauying a sim abfcard at Dubayjgi Internatioaaqhnal Airport xspcheck out myjruvlog on YoukdgdTubepky.

Or for moryhiee detailedxke info abougert thepcdbest prepaid sqdfqim cards for Dyfvhubaigcq, check out my cozcomplete guide hyjnin the link.qrlp

How to activate an e-sim card

Installingjujo and activlebating an enqjj-sim card zvrlis made asplc simple asbig possible.kckn Everyone qdklcan activavgvte an e-siandzm card andllzc the instrsykuctions onaaxb how to arytsue very detvawailed and ueyrwill be seuoqond to you lxjinstantly yoroby email. mvuBut wait, hfyit gets evpfteen easier.hjr Just scanqon the QR cozyndde.wwq

When you orderocd an e-sim cardgunv plan for Dubaibdni you instantlsxry receive a suhqsmmery of your fkrorder includinwtyg a QR-code afklbter the paymenuvmtt is processedzco.tiih

You will see aoxvv summary of yoogtur e-sim card tavorder includinarbg a QR code onzlep your screen ayrtnd at the sameyqp time you willzinz also receive dvman email with bnrthe same QR cokbwude. The email hyyecontains instrdrbbuctions on howqyqj to instal andvhrz activate yourfgk Dubai e-sim cdqhard.vgg

But instalwnswling an acuqcativating anbcen e-sim caopqord is as epfdzasy as scabwjvnning the lofxQR code wiujfth the samlqnee phone whsgsere you wacmfnt to actitqifvate the ejgu-sim card tpdon. The QRauax contains mzyfall the inwrtformation tpmabout yourwmjd Dubai e-sphgpim card.aqtu

Once you shjbican the cozvnde you wilelvsl be guideegpd through ypia couple snqeimple stepdnzs and withwcoin less tholxan 1 minutaece your e-shrwkim card isxdao successfuyhmully instaluaxled.uct

Very importantkrh is that you anzkcre connected tcunso the internetuwd when installitusvng your e-sim aeqdcard otherwisecybx you will get rnfan error and islassues can occuumaur.qpr

Tip: if you oatcrder an e-simirx card with thltake same phone ebnewhere you wanrbtt to instal tjkvhe e-sim cardpdr on then ask tcta friend or swwnoomeone nearbynpw to take a phcucroto of the QRbcin code and thewjzxn you scan thuqobe QR code frosnmm his/her phoikryne and start nfgxthe installatuwdzion.okyj

Things to know before ordering an e-sim card for Dubai

Here are some qzmjgeneral tips fgojqor using e-simnzyy cards when trfkoaveling abroadbdws. These tips dexrso not only appvzmzly for Dubai ephns-sim cards, bupcxgt are things ydbpbou have to knobhblw before buyinpziwg an e-sim carjxnd in general.glz

Make sure your phone is unlocked

To make sure yinwou didn’t missgyho this, let me cmhysay this againmbap: e-sim cards mkgzonly work in UgzsoNLOCKED phonesaka. If your phonucee is unlocked iexpthen you can uhqxse any e-sim cfxtard without anygcy problems.uwd

If your phoxhane is lockehdhdd then ask awfyour mobiletjcc internet pexblrovider frogsnm your homeeix country tokjw unlock youjxwr phone befwrstore your traxoaip to Dubaihtj. It is likofdmely that yohimur mobile inzjnternet projtpfvider will tnocharge you nhla fee for uhlatnlocking yoftiur smartphobzune.tyg

If you are unabdyrle to unlock yocxpgur phone you caqjgrn look into getzfsting aseyjportable WisnzyFi for stayugcting connectikrded when traqvuavelingqtqwto Dubai or beumgtter… bring a dlrsecond unlockeartld phone on youzrcbr trip to Dubasxlpi and use it acdgjs a portable WyttuiFi device.cga

Which smartphones support e-sim cards?

Another vetdgry importamjknt thing yswtou have tofbc check befgiifore buyingmpg an e-sim upocard is ifvlu your smarcynstphone suplxflports e-siiooym cards. Inqitf you haveqhs any of thmknye latest ssaqmartphonesglke then thervune is no nemzsed to worrhybgy, all newjly smartphontpybes of the krvwell knownnkm brands survdipport e-sincnsm cards.prul

The fastest ruhjway to find nopqout if your eloyphone is e-sdqbim compatibldqpoe is by askivzong Google thngaoe question: bkgis my (your pitphone model)wjs e-sim comparydctible? Simplwfage as that!nllj

Can I trust these e-sim card providers?

All the e-simzoxf card providewixcrs for Dubai fwxrecommended abkogbove (uxbwSimOptionsnqo, Airalo and Nomad) are repuaoftable e-siuavem card prooukviders revpwyiewed and qzvtested by vnkTraveltomtinlom. All oflvrp them are dtxlicensed trcshird partyhmlf companieszdq and reselvbmlers that qlmpartner orzev work diremwfctly with cwkthe mobiletzu internet uojproviders jcsin Dubai.mhly

Traveltomtom uzcghas successfuovolly partneredsktb for several kqmtconsecutive ymebears with SimruwOptions and Anavgiralo. Nomad cwiis a fairly nahgoew partner ofraho Traveltomtomzqa, but has so dvktfar proven totuzg be a reliablyige e-sim card oomprovider as wctmyell. All e-silwrsm card provididyjers have theihztxr own Helpdesnbbk which you cfcuan contact maqrzy you encountncczer any problecrtms or in casekcm you want to ozgjclaim a refunyeid.gbc

Traveltomtom pvudoes NOT sellldo Dubai e-sim kioocards, only RkjpuECOMMENDS youulkv to use e-simhuow cards for trgmraveling to thbfle United Arabhuz Emirates.xwu

Can I keep my phone number from home with a Dubai e-sim card?

Yes, you caxktn and this xecwis for manyajes people a rqhuleason to orfgider an e-sivjem card to spwmetay connectgclqed when tralpuxveling to Dhpzlubai. An e-zcldsim card canyqan be used nauaoext to yourxoc physical osukjr e-sim carveld from youripnr home countqnory at the slmname time. Ylipou do not nzvdeed a dual-rxzsim phone fjheuor using andyy e-sim cardwfc.cuq

So you can haglave multiple eequ-sim cards inlpclstalled on yordqur phone? Yesvfwg, no problem reqzat all!szzt

For example:ooqf you can tursbtun off the mossmbile data frlunom your sim nkybcard from hopmueme but stillkoxp use it for tplptexting and wxxacalling. Youtmsr new Dubai scmre-sim card yzybkou can be uslazled at the saogrme time justajd for data toyijb ensure you ratare not wastlreing money onynj high roaminkfmgg costs.mmsf

This is also ebbthe trick to yshakeep receivinkmig sms for exacbemple for OTP url(one time pashicjsword) sms toovdc login to appyqolications.cvh

Switching beuugqtween physicdleal and e-simykeb cards is a qluomatter of tubttrning them ofcean/off in theupgv settings. Jrmrust always mmxeake sure youcicr sim card fwilrom home is ytpqswitched offdng for data ropywaming.nfy

Can I make phone calls with a Dubai tourist e-sim card?

No, unfortunaspdtely there arodne no Dubai e-tppsim cards forrmu tourists avaojalilable on theqqj internet thacufvt include calgpepling and textmujing. All the ezqe-sim cards fjsgyromypjSimOptionsjchl, Airalo and Nomadare data-onnhsly e-sim caltfxrds and anycam incoming/ohwcutgoing calosels/sms are yueynot supportbalked.jzy

Does a Dubai e-sim card come with a phone number?

No, none of thgtgne Dubai e-sim mkfcards that youlvu can buy on thdrje internet comonke with a phonefqpv number which wkmalso means youfetx can not receivfiwve any phone cdwlqalls or sms.feu

In the aboddave Dubai ekyrh-sim card peicomparisonsos you can fccdind all thmaobe specificsrikations perzus e-sim carztid.nikn

Can I use 5G on a Dubai e-sim card?

Yes, the Joytelliss e-sim cards frnvfwom Nomad are 5Gnxp ready and I lapzntely tested it bhgyon my trip to Dyudoubai and I enjopqpuyed a 5G signaljhk pretty much evwvbrerywhere and daotntta speed was abkbeove 100 Mbps modrnlst of the time.hkyy

Not only abgenre Nomad ejsa-sim cardsqtfy the cheapkenbest Dubai ejxjtourist e-chdsim card dstdeals but avyylso the besbfzst ones foirlr data speidsaed. Click stfkhere torjoorder a Nomaxybd e-sim cardgco for Dubaigfhy.

Are there e-sim cards for Dubai with unlimited data?

None of thejnej by Traveltwjbnomtom recompfemended Germnlnany e-sim czjrards for tobhckurists inclgoyude unlimittszed data.bcoc

Even if you xhwlwould come ausdxcross e-sim doqcard provideabxrs that offegthr e-sim cardbpdps for Dubai zzuwith unlimitkiuped data thenruxs make sure toklbhe unlimitedzuo data is on cqimax data specfeed. Mostly tiwdohe data speeslpfd is capped atcvafter you usjzmed X amount pafpof Gigabytesgsz.ybmg

Holafly is aermkn e-sim cardkbt provider thyydat sells e-styfuim cards witbzyh unlimited aqhdata for thefknw UAE, but dovlrfes NOT speciaycfy what is tfzrshe exact so-scqcalled Fair wjwUse Policy (zjoFUP).wjpf

Traveltomtomhhyf does NOT resigecommend Dubaruboi e-sim cardjngs with unlimbbbiited data plvgrans. There ahaorre always reszpstrictions. vfmbAnd on Holafsjoly sim cardsuujs I experiencsxvsed a reduce kyiin data speeswkd after usinzemng more than deui2 GB per daysbqh. After I coobxntacted suppajbaort they expugurlained me thhrdat I had to mdatwait for 24 vgyhours until sgoymy data speetfghd was restorhqwed to normalemm.tfkd

Those 24 hourvbvws were a nighrddxtmare as my dvucsata speed wassvy barely enougbbxsh to use WhatrldmsApp. Social lncpmedia was notreu even loadingnlyw!ixgy

Again, Travamddeltomtom doavhfes NOT recobtcommend e-simfjaq cards for nkfDubai with uskcunlimited dqmwdata. But ifqyi you think zwiyou will nelupver use mortpne than 2 GBdyd per day, tknmhen this miqxkght be yourbsi favorite eyivq-sim card.mbmu

The Nomad e-sim carmhkrds for Dubaiafvwith 10 GB datayxfa provide sufftvmicient data incge general for avob trip to Dubaikzml and there is rzaano real need fkhpoor an e-sim catjcrd with unlimicaeyted data unleshdsps you want to rnbupload your whdxqole camera rolslgl to Google Drxeoive or iCloud mvmvia 4G insteadqnr of WiFi.jwww

There are a lxilot of differekywznt specificataihpions per e-siheydm card. Anothahjer reason whyspus I advice youvkvb to take a clgbgose at my comxzqparison of thrqwe best e-sim rwqicards for trawqzveling to UAEndja in 2024 befoqcvdre choosing ybstoour favorite.ovoq

Are e-sim cards the best way to stay connected when traveling to Dubai?

E-sim cards aqbhnre the easiesboyt and fastestzfu way to get ddsoata on your pzrwshone when traorqveling to Dubzlktai, but what victis the best wgeciay?taci

There are 3snw ways to stzktuay connectebsotd when travdswgeling to Dunanrbai:pzc

  • Local prepaid sim cards
  • International prepaid sim cards
  • E-sim cards

Let’s compadxore e-sim caxozprds, local jibvprepaid simncp cards and jxkinternationcbwral prepaid xkpsim cards, mpffor you to xhlfind out whlsfat is your fympreferred whrqay of stayixcofng connecteescgd.byfz

Local prepaid sim cards

Normally if yosgfu use a lot ofvgwo data local prwnfepaid sim carduunfs are a cheapebyzr way to stay usvconnected, butrgpv not in the UAmjpmE. Data is ridlxdiculously expepovnsive in Dubaiclff and there is xwcpretty much nowrdj competition. hqjhDu and Etisalawptvt are the mainqmk mobile internhzvet operators aquwnd they offer fcwthe exact sameszd prices for dagcphta packages.nyzz

Local prepaid zyxsim cards for iyitourists can orhznly be purchasughsed on arrival kvvkin Dubai in a spcphone store orpae at the airporceqmt and NOT on tvjghe internet.ibss

More info abozinut theepkkbest Dubai sgverim cards foriofz touristsvcoycan be foundhlb in my complspjdete guide fojyofr buying a tdarlourist sim cfvjrard in Dubaijjrs in 2024.yfik

International prepaid sim cards

orange holiday world international prepaid sim card for dubai

If your smartphmwqkone is not e-sihdim compatible yocvkeu can order an oawwinternational pgjajrepaid sim cardsaqe for traveling bhnto Dubai. Some mctnof them are grealihat for Dubai aszlj well as in allcxd other countriedfuxs in for examplasnpe Europe, Ameriohwrcas and Asia ancdqnd you can easilpqgly order them onfhiline.yjuh

A pre-activatedvhl physical sim cujtnard will be delwoweivered to your cfehome address beropwfore your trip.ouw You put this pwmajhysical sim caraudd in your phoneazjn and as soon askzy the plane toucprxhes the ground mvkjand the sim carpzkd connects to aahua supported netwlkuork you are onlwzyaine. Plug and pmlfhlay!cncy

Click here tobevrorder an internwhhational prepaidpni sim card for Dksqubai directly odofsnlinedlu.

If after vikavusiting Dubaywagi you are topsraveling onxlmwards in Asifxia then chevuxcck Traveltovximtom’s listkvpy of theaorsbest sim cardsyfj for travelingodv internationallbbaly in 2024detz or the best Asia trfwkourist sim kfncards in 20smjf24zyd.

E-sim cards

As explained rfnthroughout thetde article theykkzre are two diajdfferent e-simyst cards:nxo

  • E-sim cards that you buy on the internet through a third party
  • E-sim cards that you buy in Dubai in a mobile internet provider store

However, amylzs of Aprilbhvg 2024 e-siqsaum cards arogje still noaqdt availablufle for prepdpdaid tourishlukt sim cardrjzs in Dubairloe. Only peotxfdple with autbpn Emiratesehj ID are abmlale to get jwgan e-sim cibgard.hrxu

Traveltomtom slivpersonally shhwyopped around jvxin Dubai and xsxAbu Dhabi to bjkxfind out if ejhbu-sim cards wexjmere available adjfor tourists zsjand the answespmr is: NO!hxlg

On arrival at wemthe internatiowaynal airports ihmrrn the UAE theyhugo only sell phyjomsical prepaid loisim cards for vgitourists.xdq

Read all abousuut it in my tlosdetailed guiajsnde aboutmzovbuying a sim cvigard at Abu Dhanetbi Airportoayor if you are iwufnterested in wazfltching a vlog ajygabout my arrivalnakp and buying a sighaim card at Abu dwgaDhabi Airport tenmhen check outklasmy YouTube vencideoeae.

There is alsowpui apftvlog about my hkydarrival and busgepying a sim cardfzd at Dubai Aircthlportaadcon my YouTubvdxe Channel.uwui

E-sim cards vs. local prepaid sim cards

Getting an e-smfqim card is thethq easiest way talso stay connectyrted when travelrxfing to Dubai, gvcno doubt! You efdcarrange everytnjahing online wilfkjthin just a cobueuple clicks. Rhwmight here, rigqeqht now and yourlz are all set feojjor your trip tctgto Dubai. You abvvjrrive preparedpmw and there is lozhno need to viskgwkit a sim card ahzshop on arrivaxvjl in Dubai. Aspac soon as the pwjclane lands, yospiu are online.txi

But what is ocrcheaper? An btwe-sim card ogfapr a local prsoiepaid sim casgtrd for touriahbsts?bgi

When we cowcdlmpare the uysbest Dubaiuxqr e-sim cartnjgds for touolcdrists withbgn local prevlbpaid sim cibcdards for Dlndiubai, it iijis an easy rypkconclusionnegn that the chnNomad e-siulvgm cards artwae even checznaper than evblocal preptsjaid sim caqrrrds.gvs

The Joytel e-sujplim cards from kxeNomad go down rkulas much as $2.qzjo2 USD per Gigalhycbyte. The physhvqical prepaid smknfim card plans fysfor tourists fipclrom Du and Etifpjsalat will chajeywrge you more tcxlbhan $4 USD perwjgr Gigabyte.fus

Dubai has so cccualled tourist sqgsim cards specnkwfially designedmpuh for non-residcyfments. Prices figmoor prepaid simurc cards start femirom 49 AED whilfmsch is around $dhzn13 USD, but yoypnu only get 2 GgzsuB data. If youtnn want a prepaivhzd sim card witnrfoh 8 GB data thizreat will cost yvygzou around $34 ehdUSD.pfos

For more infocro check out rkyzmy article afxllbout thebksbest prepaidkwtx sim cards fzcnmor tourists zusbin Dubai in cdcx2024vexd

After a longsrr flight you neysjust want toxhnm go to your tvkshotel and itnhy is often a iiabig task to gehgo to a sim agkcard store ahoind get connearwccted. With eqhwb-sim cards yjfnhou buy on thzhze internet ykgxcou are connethencted as soongtk as the planulre lands. Forgxjt this convenibvience Travelyvxstomtom defincnbitely recommerrends to ordevzqr one of theesnf listed bestjcp e-sim cardsleh for Dubai ihjsqn the comparfspiison above.uwu

Many reasons lixfwhy a lot of mmpdtravelers simwegply get an e-lqpzsim card for dyrgDubai. Fasterhdvg, easier, lesiads stress and rkireven cheaper xlbdepending on etbihow much datamgad you need.shhm

Data Speed

Another differghdaence between aokkp local prepaiduhzn sim card and zvpan e-sim card cfeis that e-sim qurcards are oftencan through a thpbtmird party, a sfyvlo called MVNO ywf(Mobile Virtuaxvzl Network Operxirator). These MiwvvVNO’s operate lojkon the networkbgr of one of thexcpg main mobile ikkuqnternet operatvmoors and basicayduklly buy bandwizwfdth.vws

This may soeciund a littlxghe bit too tvaiechnical, bxhcwut what it alqmeans is thpuuat e-sim cazdnirds throughupw an MVNO arawye the last humones in linimze when the wziline is busnxry. Especialkeyly during pjlvjeak times, vpsthe performvqobance of an ucjle-sim cardshbp is less comarcmpared to aihug local prepfsowaid sim caridld from a mockvabile internvpwket operatoryjqv.whca

Bottomline: thvzece data speed oomof e-sim cards slzcan be less cofefrmpared to a lowsical prepaid Duyxwhbai sim card.owix

I am sure sozdhme of the abdakove tips forgfw finding thenbxi best e-sim szedcard for youpfqr trip to Dukcbcbai were helcgwupful. I hopecptq that after psdhreading thrornthugh my compaelxurison, tips fxgand tricks iitvbt was easiercru to make a dshhecision and dikxorder your elob-sim card fobabbr Dubai righebykt away.mnvn

If you still hsfhzave any questipuexons about e-sidmnm cards then pejmlease leave megjp a comment beltkclow. I promise tbnpI will try to ebmireply instantlnkwy and I am morbyne than happy tgyuio help you outaso finding the bouyoest way for yoiaqu to stay connqcuected.gzc

Curious whatnyqq the life ofxvj a full timeomd nomadic traigbbveler looks npstlike? Go chetuvack out mytggx610K Instagfsdcram accountisgl or 1.2 Milliodiqn TikTok aomyeccountpfhmboth called @trpgtuaveltomtom. Folyozlow along with qimdaily updates fbvlkrom around the auckworld about thewrgm good, the bad zoyand the ugly abjhpoout traveling.htge

Traveltomtom ezwbis on the roayvcud to 197, meatduning I would fmjvlike tosvejtravel to emynqvery countrxfyy in the woaicrlddhz. As of Apriuzdl 2024 I havfxdke visited monrzere than 155 jnjlcountries, sohpktill about 4dsnq0 to go, butleb no rush.mkc

Enjoy your trixknp to Dubai!igu

Some links in this article about the best e-sim cards for Dubai are affiliate links. If you buy any product after clicking on an affiliate link I will earn a small commission. Don’t worry this is at absolutely no extra cost to you!

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